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Welcome to Kongagården in Southern Sweden!

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Enjoy a holiday on a traditional,  family run, working farm with modern, high-quality accommodation.

At Kongagården (Konga farm) you can experience both life on a farm and the surrounding, unspoiled nature. Kongagården is also an ideal location for exploring the beautiful national park “Söderåsen”.

The main farmhouse was built in the 1830’s and there have been many agricultural activities on the farm over the years. Today we have a mixed crop-livestock farming with sheep husbandry and hay production.

Whether you are looking for a family holiday, a peaceful place to relax and unwind or planning a business trip we’re confident you will find what you are looking for here.

Bed & Breakfast and self catering

The entire upper floor is dedicated to our guests. There are four guest rooms, two kitchenettes and a spacious living room.

One of the guest rooms is a large family room with four beds. The family room has a private bathroom adjacent to the room and a TV. The other guest rooms have private or shared toilet and bathrooms depending on the number of guests and TV in a sitting area outside the rooms.

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Tariffs and booking information

Standard rates 2012. Please contact us for further details about rates and discounts.

Bed & Breakfast

Double room (price per person and night): 375 SEK
Single room: 475 SEK
Children up to 12 years:  250 SEK

Self catering

Price per person and night: 300 SEK
Price per week for up to 5 persons: 5000 SEK

Booking information

• 50 SEK surcharge per person applicable on all prices for one night stay.
• Box or grazing for horse: 250 SEK per night.
• Pets allowed if agreed in advance.
• Bedlinnen and towels are included.
• We do not accept Credit/Debit cards.
• Kongagården is a Non-Smoking residence.
• Guests are requested to arrive after 15.00 unless arranged in advance.
• Rooms are to be vacated by 11.00 on the day of departure.


Activities, events and attractions

• Hunting, both for beginners and experts
• Horseback riding
• Fishing
• Cycling
• Hiking and walking

We also have special packages with combinations of activities and accommodation. Contact us for more information about the activities and packages.

Don’t miss the national park Söderåsen, only a short distance from Konga. Visitors to Söderåsen National Park discover a varied and, in places, dramatic landscape of deep fissure valleys, impressive talus slopes, lush broad-leaved forest and flowing watercourses.

The event of the year is Hovturnén. A small group of music artists travel by horse between castles and scenic spots around Söderåsen. In the evenings they perform for a small audience. This event goes on for one week and it starts and ends at Kongagården.

Contact information

Marie och Henric Irbladh
Kongagården, 268 76 Kågeröd, Sweden

+46 413 54 30 60, +46 70 378 30 15, +46 70 378 30 60

How to find us


GPS coordinates:
Decimal Degrees (WGS84): 55.9775, 13.2059
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